A social hub for York Dads (Dad’s accessing dads support) granddads, carers or soon to be Dads.

Connecting Dads in and around the York area through meet ups, activities, events and online support.

Hopefully we will represent a diverse group of dads: at home and working dads, married, single and divorced dads, straight and gay dads, young and old dads, dads of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. But share one common goal of being a active parent.

We are not a “mum bashing” group and some of the events we organise we would love to see mums there. But we do feel there are many support groups out there for mums to ask advice and none for dads.

We are still in the early stages but definitely want ideas from you all. Already we have a possibility of a dads mindfulness course, dads bike workshop, daddybears picnic, dads breakfast, dads bbq and other social meet ups. We will be adding the group events to the page once finalising the details.

Please do get in touch, it would be great to get your advice, input and ideas

We are open to any dad joint and happy for people to share family or dad events. However, if you wish to advertise your own business or profit making group, please contact one of the admins. If an admin is not contacted and permission received, the post will be deleted.