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With #DontManUpSpeakUp being our mantra, what better way to honour the phrase than by sharing our conversations with the world! The Menfulness Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon as well as a host of other podcast providers. 

Expect stigma-breaking, life affirming conversations where we will lead with honest vulnerability in a bid to understand what’s really going on with us, why don’t we talk more and what we’re going to do about it?

If you enjoy the podcast please do tell someone about it and if you’ve got any ideas or think you’d be a good guest then give us a shout via the form below!

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The back story to the MEN cube or dice, is that there’s always at least one side you can’t see on a cube or dice.

This is a bit like those men who need help.

You often can’t see it because it’s not on show or it’s covered up, so you need to move it some how to uncover it.

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For the Record!

We ask all the guests on The Menfulness Podcast to tell us about a happy and sad song, and why it’s important to them. These playlists are below and we hope some some of these resonate with you too. 🎵

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