Mike Hewitt

When I was a teenager, my Dad, not through his own doing, hit rock bottom. He left our home and went missing. Thankfully he was located and received help.

I didn’t understand it. Foolishly and regrettably I saw him as weak, and lost respect for him for a short time. I wasn’t the son he needed.

He probably thinks I was a bit of an arse at the time and I was. I didn’t give him the respect he deserved for rising again. He never stopped being a great Dad and a great role model whatever happened. He was at every football game, every rugby match, every tournament. Regardless of what decisions I made he supported me.

He worked any job, did anything possible to start again. Looking back, it inspires me.

Little did I know the pressure of being a husband or a father. Finances, emotions, home repairs, work stresses. I’ve never apologised to my Dad, I haven’t had the guts yet. I know I should and I will. Maybe this is it.

If I knew then, what I know now. I would be a better son. I would talk with my Dad. I would empathise with him. I wouldn’t have the answers, but he wouldn’t have been alone.

This is my inspiration for Menfulness. Thankfully he’s still here to read this. Love you Old Man x


Mike Hewitt

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