Join the Menfulness WhatsApp Group



It’s a normal part of life to struggle. We are here, we might not be able to solve your problems, but you don’t have to face them alone!”


We’re so glad you found us. We know the following might seem like a lot to read, but we hold our members’ privacy and safety with the utmost respect, so please take a few minutes to read the following simple rules before joining our WhatsApp group. By opting to click the link you confirm you agree to our basic principles.


PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE WHATSAPP LINK WITH ANYONE ELSE. (Menfulness will be forced to remove anyone who has not joined by opting in via this page. If you know of someone who wishes to join our group then please direct them to


PLEASE REMEMBER MENFULNESS CANNOT OFFER CRISIS SUPPORT: If you are in crisis or feel like you are nearing crisis, please click here for useful contacts.


1 – Share & Respond with Kindness

This WhatsApp group is for men to learn from and positively support each other. We understand that sometimes this involves sharing the difficult realities life throws at us. There is no expectation that you should share but if you do, please do so with respect for others. Advice should be offered sparingly as what is right for one may be wrong for another, let’s build each other up rather than judge each others situation. No one knows what anyone else is going through and we all have triggers so proceed with care and kindness.


2 – Confidentiality

Respect for confidentiality is paramount. Please do not share personal information about anyone from inside or outside the group. Taking and sharing screenshots of our private conversations is a breach of trust among our members and will result in removal from the group. 


3 – Your Data

Menfulness will not store any of your data without your permission but please remember that your screen name, phone number and anything you post is visible to all members of the group. For more information about how Menfulness collects and processes data see our Privacy Statement.


4 – Safeguarding

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we have a zero tolerance approach to any kind of abuse. We expect anyone involved with our groups to report any such behaviour. If you’re not sure, please email or speak to a volunteer/trustee.


5 – Crisis

If you have felt suicidal in the past you can share that with the group but bear in mind the subject can be triggering. Please be aware that if you share anything in the group that makes us concerned for your safety we are required to inform emergency services. Our group is not able to offer crisis support so if you are in need you should refer to LOCAL CRISIS SUPPORT SERVICES


6 – Boundaries

Our charity offers peer to peer support. We should cheerlead, ask open questions and believe in better for ourselves and each other. We should not attempt to diagnose, fix or take on each other’s problems and we are not responsible for each other’s well being. If anyone shares something in this group which triggers you and you would like additional support please email and enquire about our counselling offer.


7 – Side Groups/Friendships

Trustees and volunteers monitor Menfulness online spaces and activities. We understand side groups and event groups may grow from people becoming friends. Please refrain from using the Menfulness logo or name in those groups or events as we cannot guarantee how they will be run/insured/administrated. Please also be aware of your personal safety if deciding to share lifts to events or meet people outside of an organised activity or space.


Also remember we have a Private Facebook Group and don’t forget to follow us on Meetup or download the Meetup App where all of our events are shared.