Jack Woodhams

I’m one of 6 boys. My mum and dad, although now long separated, did an amazing job raising us all. I only have happy memories of my childhood and my brothers are my best friends (please don’t tell them I said this)

In 2001 I moved up to York for University where I met my wife Rose. We married in 2009 and two bundles of joy followed. With work and home life going well, life seemed perfect and my future all planned out.

However things changed after I found myself being suddenly made redundant. It hit me hard and I felt like life spiralled. It took me to some dark places. I had feelings that I have never experienced before, including hopelessness & overwhelming sadness. After months of trying to deal with this alone and after much encouragement from my wife, I finally made an appointment to see my GP. That was the first big step towards a happier me.

So that’s my story in a nutshell. This actually may the first time my family and friends have heard this. Ironically the main goal of Menfulness is encouraging men to talk!

So there it is lads. There is no shame, only strength, in accessing help and support. It’s not weak to speak.

This is my inspiration for Menfulness #WeRiseByLiftingOthers


Jack Woodhams

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