Wow. The fact you’ve made it to this page means so much to us! Menfulness is powered entirely by volunteer hours, donations and fundraising. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with grants, lottery money and some sponsorship but there’s always more to do… 
All funding will go towards our activities such as football, social circuits, the allotment and, most importantly, the counselling sessions.

How you could help


If you love what we do and would like to donate some of your hard earned cash to help us keep doing it then we would be so grateful…

If you have specific ideas for fundraising then please do get in touch to discuss it further. We are always open to collaborations with likeminded people and groups. 

As of May 2022 Menfulness is officially a charity. 

Our Registered Charity Number is: 1199085


If you shop online regularly, please sign up for our Easy Fundraising link!

It costs you ‘ABSOLUTELY NOWT’ except a few seconds. Each time you go online shopping Menfulness get a little cash AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. Go on, Amazon can afford it. 
ALSO: If you work at a small or medium business, could you encourage them to sign up here?! It would really help!