Menfulness is a men’s wellbeing group who - through activities - support and promote Men’s wellbeing.

Menfulness follows a similar ethos to Yorkey Dads, but is available to all men, not just Dads. We encourage men to attend the events, enjoy themselves and, if comfortable, open up. Talking in a supportive and friendly atmosphere with no pressure to share has led to success with wellbeing.

“79% of all suicides are by men. We are aware that we cant solve every man’s issues, but not facing them alone really does help. By bringing guys together to laugh, talk and sometimes cry can be the difference.”

#DontManUp #YoureNotAlone #WeRiseByLiftingOthers

The Menfulness logo

The back story to the MEN cube or dice, is that there’s always at least one side you can’t see on a cube or dice.

This is a bit like those men who need help.

You often can’t see it because it’s not on show or it’s covered up, so you need to move it some how to uncover it.

Logo by: Believe

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