#SafeSpace is a project about removing the stereotypes and stigma around gyms. 

Working on your physical health can be a huge boost to your mental health, but for many blokes gyms can be an intimidating place. “Everyone seems to know what they’re doing and how to use the equipment”. “Everyone is much fitter and bigger than I am”. Do these statements sound familiar? 

It’s easy to forget, everyone is a beginner at some point. Just because someone is physically strong  and muscular, doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with their mental health. Maybe working out is what keeps them in a good place. 

We want to break down that stigma and get more men into the gym and benefitting from the improvements that can be made to your whole health from doing so.

We’re starting with our good friend Rich Best and Eddie Sykes of 1079 Fitness. Click the poster to the right to sign up for our FREE seminar where Eddie Sykes will be talking about his mental health and fitness journey and how he came to own a gym! 


#DontManUp #YoureNotAlone #WeRiseByLiftingWeights

Safe Space Gym Poster

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