An inclusive social community for men in York

We bring men together to socialise, exercise, enjoy themselves, talk and let off steam in a non-judging, friendly and supportive environment. These are all essential for wellbeing and health, both physical and mental.




Dave Lingwood

I would definitely encourage people to think about taking on a new challenge. You just need to have the fire in your belly…

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Chris’s Guest Blog

Never regret the things in life you have done, Only the things you haven’t.

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Mike’s Guest Blog

Little did I know the pressure of being a husband or a father. Finances, emotions, home repairs, work stresses.


Sam’s Guest Blog

I’m learning to use my social media to talk honestly about what’s going on with me in the hope you will do the same.

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Pete’s Story

York Dad Pete Quinn talks about the value of Menfulness during the Coronavirus lockdown